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There are plenty of interesting baby shower gifts available, from cute pieces of apparel to high-tech gadgets developed to simply help with day-to-day life of coping with a newborn.

We’ve curved up some of the best services and products on the high block from some of our favorite models, such as M&S, The Bright Organization, Boots, Steve Lewis and more.

There’s anything for each and every budget, too, with discount acquisitions along with some lavish purchases.

It’s difficult to fight these cute unisex dribble bibs – which are bound ahead in handy for any new mum. The cotton pieces can be found in numerous various patterns including a monk, fish and cat. Dribbling never appeared so cute!

A memory guide is always a great baby shower provide as it’s impossible a mum-to-be may buy one for herself. This lovely Philip Rabbit guide from Steve Lewis includes spots for images and child give and footprints, it also features a wallet at the rear for keepsakes to be located in.

For a quintessentially English child surprise, why don’t you decide for that London gift collection? It provides a cotton sleepsuit (with a bib), a published quilt and hat collection and a London keep comforter. What’s more, each figure and pattern on the merchandise have been solely sketched by The Bright Organization team.

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